One essay today. Honestly my only goal.

Well, not my only, but one of them.  Got rid of a yellow tablet, which I write often lecture notes and writing prompts for class.  Just the one journal now.  Do I run at lunch, or write.  I’ll decide later, of course.

Fourteen $1 bills in wallet.  Writing an essay about that, about them.  What about.  I don’t know, what do I do with them.  Start a business, start a something, something for me, some new operation.  This morning something in my writing self connected, and you talk about work and knowing Now, being freed by knowing Now from your work, demanding more than just passion.  A bizarrely elevated interest.  And in everything connecting, I write about the sights that don’t get an attention gallop.  My password written on a torn rectangular paper piece, to the right of the laptop.  I’ll even tell you what it is…. ‘Mousepenpaperme1!’ I’m sure our IT department, or any IT person would freak with me writing that on the blog, in this log, but I need something to write about. Why do I have the word Mouse as part of the code, the first word no less.  No idea. Think it has something to do with my daughter’s love of Minnie Mouse, calling her often ‘Mimi’.

Appt for 2pm just called to confirm.  What this AE position is teaching me is that you loudly and hungrily keep moving and whatever you see yourself doing for the rest of your life, start it NOW.  Not just planting seeds, but doing IT.  Only thing on my desk, numbers to call, potential appointments to set.  People, most people I know actually, look down on calling and cold-calling.  I think it’s fun, amusing, a writing prompt all to itself.

Maybe the essay isn’t my only goal.  Surprise myself with these calls, that I’m to start in 11 minutes.  Is my running gear here?  Yes. Shorts and new shirt.  Shoes?  Yes.