And Office, Me, and Coffee. Lots.


In office earlier than usual.  8:03 now and I believe I clocked in at 7:57, or 8.  Somewhere around there.  Windy, not sure they’ll cancel class tonight.  Is it bad that I hope they do?  Well, either way, I do.  Noting on ways to make this AE thing go quicker, have more influx of inquiries, and more meetings, and of course more fucking sales.  Today I’m all about whim, just moving and not thinking.  Not drafting too carefully what I write, just something like “Wanted to talk to you about some better speeds and functionality for your internet…” But the word functionality sounds too pitchy.  Way too pitchy, actually.  I’m in sales, but more and more I hate selling.  I like having lunch, like the director one time said in a meeting with a vendor, or perspective client.  I need to get out of the office more, I know.  So….. today I’ll be in Berkeley, on way back can hit S. McDowell, and maybe an address on Piner Road.  “Planting seeds”, as some say.  That too sounds a little, I don’t know, hokey.  (Did I spell that right?)

Into second pass at 100 days.  Own office, when it’s over.  Wrote that today I’m writing a book, or intending on showing others how to prospect.  So how do you… what is prospecting…..  As I see it, saying hi, talking to people.  Looking at a google maps file, helping with direction and where I hit.

Just heard someone in the Dispatch section say “Something is better than nothing.” With prospecting, I completely agree.  My head is in a prospecting frame and mode, Road and Go.  Garnished with whim and a bit of a humor tilt or lean.  Just got an email from a prospect I thought was a sure-thing, but no.  Let it go, keep talking.  Keep finding conversations.  Call down the lead lists in Salesforce, no matter how shitty they are.

8:49.  Going to start my calls at 9.  Go for run a bit after 10, head out to Berkeley or wherever a little after 12 I’m thinking.  Even if I find people that already have our services, who cares.  Let them know we have some new offerings, get referrals.  Conversation, conversation…. That’s what will elevate the progression of things.  Prospecting doesn’t have to be prospecting.  In fact, I hate that fucking word.  Maybe there doesn’t need be a singular word for it.  If I’m to teach how to prospect and how to ‘AE’, eventually here at Sonic, then I first advise, THINK LESS.  Go out and meet people, say hi.

Event tomorrow ….  Carry cards, just talk.  Everyone is an AE, I’m seeing.  And prospecting should be the most enjoyable parcel of the position.  May be idealism, but make it fun. If you’re not having a good time, that’s on you.

Just set an appointment.  Working on another.

Will be getting ready for run here, in a minute.  Where am I going….  Thinking same route.  Glad that cold left me, or didn’t take hold. Wouldn’t say I had an OFFICIAL cold.  Why am I talking about this… boring.  Go run.


3:44.  Day nearly over.  Tired, not sleeping well last night with little Emma sick.  Not in the mood to write, right now.  Or teach, frankly.  But, I’m going to do it.  Last night lecturing on narrative has me more singularized in several regards and composition ponds.  My first time to write, right now.  Not leaving right at 4, much as I want to.  Going to gift myself this time to write, write in a tech office, as a wine writer of literature, nonfiction.  The meeting I just had solely on tech, confirming my shift into a new character.  Looking at everything as a Sales Engineer, even though I’m an AE.

More awake now.  And yes ‘cause I’m having another cup of coffee.  Did I tell you that?  Quickly reading the above paragraph, and I don’t think so.  I’ll be really honest.  And I mean really fucking honest….  Going to rush grade the 1A stack.  Get it out of my life. And be done.  And going to be generous with my marks, which won’t do much damage or compromise as I’m weighing attendance and actual mental activity and presence over traditional shit, the orthodoxy of institution.  Tangent I know, but I’m thinking about my travels at the end or just before the fin of this 100 days pass.  Tonight, like a beta of that.  And the meta will most assuredly be magic in its own bell.  Music, in everything.

One essay before class.  Short.  And read to class.  The honesty will surprise them I’m hoping, or at least shove them to react, or do something.  I’m going in and out of caffeine effect.  Coffee telling me to just write, take a break, “You haven’t really broke today Mikey, so do it in a sentence or 20-something.” That what I hear it, HER, saying.  And wine… get a glass of wine.  Always grade to wine, Mike.  But where can I do that?  All the papers are in a fucking shoe box.  Yes.  A shoebox.  Would that be weird?  Professor walks into a bar…. With a shoebox.