Still don’t have 2 fiber appointments.  Goddamn it.  Went for my run, somewhat honored meal plan in that I didn’t lunch out but I didn’t touch the snacks I packed.  Two fiber conversations on calendar in the next hour and 23 minutes.  Can I do?  Start calling….

Finally, an appointment in Marin.

November in 2 days.  Back to the NaNo project, and Joe’s story.  Or is it my story, being sick of my thinking and my pauses and self-strangling lulls, stalls, falls.  Over wine tonight, and Game 7 of the Series, I’ll be swarming self into this book.  I’m not going to say the title, much I want to, but you know what my attitude is.  Get a bottle of something nice, break budget.  Fuck the budget.  Write about the wine from sip one to last…. Bring your verse to the page, the screen, the book.  The attitude so many have with wine is the wrong one, taking wine out of wine and making it more about score, not the gentle zenful complexion and song wine denotatively and connotatively submits to a sipper.