The day today, probably about the same as yesterday.  People around me talking about the fire.  No wind last night, not as predicted.  Brought running pieces for today’s outing.  If I hit five, I’ll be more than elated.

            Moving some money around for blogging business.  Need to note more the direction of it, the business.  So what way do I want the business to go…. For personal, for business blogging efforts.  What.  Don’t need to decide that now, just have this be a vehicle—

            People now talking about the fires from ’17.  Don’t want to talk about that, for sure.  Leads today, focus on leads, on Sonic words, letters.  On the drive over here remembered this documentary I saw, years ago, about some crime leader who effectively and in intimately navigated his enterprise from prison, and through letters.  Everything was persuaded from the written expression, the worded voice.  Not sure there’s a connection to what I do here at Sonic but there’s a thought there to entertain, examine somehow.

            Aims for day…. Run, honor meal plan day one (not much a meal, nor plan, but I’m not lunching away having ziplock’d some crackers, nuts, and raisin bran.  Will try to stop at Safeway again after work today and get bread, some mustard I like, spicy Dijon or brown, something.  Tertiary sight, two appointments in fiber territory.  TWO.  Either Novato, or Petaluma.  Not much in Santa Rosa.  Writing aims down now.  Guy I know here at Sonic about to go out of town for a month.  He piled his vacay hours, and assuredly his cash as he meal plans all days of each week, and will be in Houston for a month.  My surmise, that he’s setting himself a stage there.  A new story, a new Road.  And all from practiced discipline and omission of certain wants.  The same for this writer, today. 

            One more campaign for self, write in one place.  Just one.  The laptop wife gave me from her work, the school district, will try to use less and less.  Brought it with me in hopes of putting everything on a memory stick, or in one file, then xferring to my email, then to book.

            Tired of some of my own ways, habits and strays.  Much the reason for the book’s title.  I’m just done with certain realities and empirical and experiential specificities.  So, I just shift the boat.  Move in directions other.

            Speaking of other, I realize I have 8+ hours here.  And in addition to the obligatory, I can also appease certain reaches, what I want from the hours.  3000 words might be a bit much, or it might not be. Either way, I’m writing every fucking thing down.  Two appointments, that’s easy.  Invite them, don’t sound so sales-y.  Not that I do, but be even less.  Speak as you do in class, not to students but with them.  A collective conversation not a lecture or some downward-directed talk.

            Missing a notebook.  Where is it.  SHIT, at home. Not matter, blog will be the legal sheets or whatever tablet I’d take to.