Sonic, again showing itself as a paradigm business providing shelter to its various departments.  Excatly what a business should do.  Not sure what I’m going to do, today, with one of my prospects in Santa Rosa, and two others, actually three, outside the area, not much to do.  Will be at desk adding notes to book.  No thinking, just movement, writing.  Have to get in a run tonight, at gym obviously since air outside is horrendous.  Hungry now, what do I eat.  Nothing.  Fast.  Till lunch.  Go at noon.  Where.  Have to do budget…  Thought this morning on writing on money, budgeting, some strategies, but I should probably do M budget first, huh?

Again, not sure what to do today.  The office is off, you can tell.  But incredibly comfortable and safe-sensed from everything Sonic has in place.  Going to enjoy coffee, not think or overthink, or even partially meditate on this.  The day, and the outside air and sky from fires light a horripilation, slight but still noticeable.

All these notes on desk.  What do I do with them.  Send follow up emails.  Sent a shit ton of emails, letters today… one to old friend, and another to another old friend.  At some point.

First, going to check in with re-term attempts.  Then, send emails to leads. Start conversations… don’t think, just throw kindness and community into the air.

My current book project, CFTS, you know what that means if you’ve been reading, is about not thinking.  Being tired of your own patterns to a certain sway, but as well resolving for something much higher than what you’ve had.  Sonic taunts me to do just this, and doesn’t provide so much a platform but a playground and practices to employ, embody, consider trying, to write my own.

Emails sent.  Now to send another.  Want to organize as best I can this desk.  Or, don’t.  Actually, don’t.  That requires thinking and time away from conversation, creativity.  Keep contacting people.  Start the conversations.  8:45am, and already restless.  WHY?  Cuz I’m thinking too much.  Cuz I’m thinking, period.  There needs to be a partial dismissal of self if you’re to be “successful” in sales.

Tonight I’m going to write for as long as I can without stopping, when home.  OH… budget.  Do that now.

Done.  In better shape than I thought.  The thing about money is to use cash, I’m finding.  Don’t budget from your debit card, ‘cause then you’ll be to the wheels of “Oh, I can take a little more…” or “I’m fine, I’m fine.” With the cash right in front of you, AFTER YOU”VE BUDGETED THAT CASH, it’s either present or spent.  That’s what I’m finding I have to do.  Not boasting self as some personal finance expert, as many who know me will tell you I’m not, but I am learning more at my more advanced age than I did when younger.  Not that Mom and Dad didn’t try to teach me, they DID teach.  I just didn’t adequately listen and incorporate.  Anyway, topic next…..