So…. I keep moving.  Looking through leads and sending emails.

12:14pm.  Sending emails.  Tacos to be delivered to office, other building, just after 1pm.  Moving and not stopping.  Have list prepped for tonight, projects and writings, what be.  Gym is closed and I’m not running with the air quality as it is.  Pushups, sit-ups, weights.  Want to change workout habit and pattern anyway, going into 2020.  More muscle building focus, a little less cardio.  LITTLE, less.

Eating Lucky Charms cereal.  A box was on the counter in the kitchen along with all the other generous placements from Sonic employees, supervisors and management.  Can’t remember the last time I had this.  Sweet, but useful here at my desk, holding the writer over till the tacos arrive.

Now what.  What do I do.

12:52.  Tacos should be here, shortly.  After lunch, focusing on assembly further of the collective conversation.  May bring work computer home with me.  Not sure, not going to think about it.  No thinking, none.  Just movement.

May stop at Jackson’s and have a drink there.  Am going to work out tonight, but weights, pushups, sit-ups, leg dips if that’s what they’re called.  I see life as a blank page, today, like Kerouac noted.  Work should make one happy, provide further purpose, not be see as something menacing or demonic, consuming and corrosive.