2:26. Slow after lunch. May leave early

after hearing others may as well.  With the gym closed, and some talk that winds might shift and there’s a chance I might get evacuated, a-fucking-gain, I’m going home after this and just entrenching self.

Going to snack again as I did last night, cheese and meat, peanuts… may stop at Oliver’s and get something.  Wine and … something.  Eat light, my intention after talking to my buddy in Agency about his intermittent fasts, his discipline, how he used to be much heavier but now with his practice and fitness routine is another person.  For rest of day…. One meal.  No takeout.  More of what I last night had, watch cheese intake.  Bed early, much have dinner finished by 7pm.

I’m thinking, overthinking.  The whole point to my book idea Cuz F This S is to dismiss any ponder, any stall as a result of thinking, and realizing that thinking is much of what gets you into those existential ditches, those ruts and funks, moods.

Tonight, I’m writing wine, about wine, defining her.  More.

More wine.