Okay.  Leaving office soon.  Walking around San Rafael, Petaluma.  Seen as the speaker of Sonic, the one always out there speaking about it.  In the street, rarely in the office.  Finishing latte, break in a minute, move some money around for blogs.  All well and wonderfully right in my written world.

More than likely will hit traffic.  Not worried about it. 

Latte done.  Thousand words for morning, for NaNo book.  Will write at lunch, no run.  May even eat.  OH, brought leftovers from the other night.  Not sure I should eat them, though.  And, it sounds more fun having something in San Rafael.  That one place… what’s it called?  Where I had the omelet?  Oh that’s sounds amazing.  So hungry.  Maybe get breakfast first.  No… go get in front of people.

Getting in the car in a bit.  Teaching people how to prospect, then sell…  Into the day, my way.