Last day of September.  Soon entering my two favorite months of the year.  The semester flies by me as does just life.  After this weekend, I am convinced of the wine industry’s erase from my pages.  Not going to elaborate, but I need emancipate and further assert here at this desk, for my agency.  P-O-Z, Positive Office Zoo, or Zen.  Just thought of having it be an acronym.  Back to this morning, LEADS.  Conversations.  As many as you can have.  Get out of the office, visit spots literally given to you from Shannon.  Follow up on everything and don’t stop moving.  TAKE SONIC LAPTOP HOME.  Keep working, start tomorrow morning, tonight.  Having that be put to post-it to make it official, yes, but to feel it more.

Wondering what my next “power move” as I posted should be.  One thought, the first, is just quit the winery.  Hone on speaking, tech, blogging, building the agency and understanding Sonic and more of what it entails, speaks, what it IS.

The latte is strong, and it taunts me to move quicker.  Send notes.  Just had a calendar reminder pop up, to call a prospect in Rohnert Park, set initial.  Leaving reminder on screen to remind me more overtly.  The morning started a bit turbulent, of course with kids and what I had to do, and my little daughter curling up like a little kit in her blankie, not wanting to move even when I walked from shower to side of her bed. She I think subconsciously curled into my arm, me kneeling at bed’s side, talking to her and telling her I love her, that we need to get up and Daddy’s always here to help her.  I’m here now, where I can not only elevate our quality of life.  I’m not obsessing over that, the whole quality of life thing, I mean I don’t think I am.  Or maybe I am, I have kids and I want their life to be as encouraging and enjoyable as mine was on Bayview Drive.

Clear off desk, and keep it clear, clean.

Did a little, but not before setting appointment.  Appointments, more specifically.  2.  Already have to start thinking about changing into workout clothes for today’s HIIT class.  Cardio today, so I’m not that concerned.  But I remember how sore I was the last time I did this class.  Don’t think about it, at all.  Break soon, finish latte by ten, which is in 17 minutes.  Getting pulled away from page by new ideas that swarm into my head and nest and more ideas fall out and fly around.  Have to go out to car… get the wine I bought for clients before it gets too hot.  FUCK.

Not a big deal.. Still cold outside, Fall, one of my favorite months.  Lid off latte cup, now more or less chugging it for more electricity, more speaking ideas on Sonic and what I do and what I can provide a business.  Thinking of what the CTO said in going above the technology, focus on the human in front of you… focus more on myself and what I love about the company, what I love about businesses run this way.