Meeting in 20 mins.  Busy, and just the way I prefer it, today.  Taking notes on this AE story, in new and small journals.  In fact, only in those spots.  May pull from blog for this book idea I have, but the notebooks will be solely for the story.

Desk, a wasteland of valuable information and post-it notes on prospects and leads, vendors and what be.  Tomorrow driving to Danville to have sushi with a vendor.  When was the last time I had—oh yeah, when in the Field Sales Gang, canvassing in upper Oakland, or near it, some chic and trendy somewhat upscale area.  So tomorrow, sushi and conversation…. Thinking of titling the book, A and E.  Well, that’s the for-now moniker I’m applying.

Where do I get a snack after meeting, maybe a beer and take more notes for book, on the job itself and how to—OH, interviewed a candidate earlier, technically morning, for an AAE post.  What she said sank sense into my thinking, concerning being out of the office and canvassing, taking notes in phone with the voice function… writing everything down and expecting to hear no but translating as “No, but only for now.” Today I feel myself shedding the associate angle of my story, becoming an AE.  But not yet, not yet, I know.

Got a coffee in back a bit ago, but ice in cup, and cream.  Why di I do the cream, WHY.  Tastes like rubbery old milk.  Drinking it anyway for the meeting ahead. I have no plan to dominate the meeting or any such sort of act, but I do want my assessment of this morning’s interview heard.  And it will be.  It always is here, in the Sonic walls.  Conversation dominates this company, in tandem with honesty and eagerness to hear others, learn, grow, collaborate.

Taking laptop with me, to wherever I grade and have a snack and beer and…  Thinking Del Valle, again.  Love that patio but I think tonight sit inside.  I’ll start the book, or not.  No… not.  Forget I said that.  Desk still a mess, put note on calendar to clean it up from 4-something till 5 but I’m going to go collect somewhere.  Have to.  By year’s end, this will be the only thing I do.  No more winery, no more JC classes.  I’ll only teach through blog.  Studenthood, that’s what I want, and that’s what I have here in this chair and in this story as an AE, or AAE.  Account, and Executive.  Though I don’t see myself as an executive, but clients will receive executive treatment.  They are the executives in my measure, and will be treated in like-step.

5 minutes till meeting… grabbing book journal (the larger), heading to Sales Manager’s office to debrief on meeting.  Don’t want to finish coffee.  Won’t.  I won’t.  Take sip….  Oh my god.  Fuck.  Gross.