Planning the day, more or less.  Forcing self back into character.  Appointments, need to make as many as I can.  Mark told me that when first brought to Enterprise…. Put stuff on the calendar, and good things will happen.  Only thing I’m going to do, today.  Call fiberoptic addresses and set a time.

More with connectedness, as well.  Set meetings and write everything.  Have everything filter down and back to this, this chair, this position.  9:09am, now.  Still a bit early to call anyone.  Will wait just a bit.  So…. Write down all ideas, all sentences and words selected.

Class tonight.  Nothing planned, and that’s just what I plan alongside the dominant ideas and thematic consistencies of Road.

May run at lunch…. Haven’t decided.  Still feeling yesterday’s 5.33.  Could do a short one today, not yet decided.  Noticed I want a lot to happen quite quick, too quick in the day. Irrationally speedy.  So…. Slow down.  Re-reading an email Mark sent me, about this role and certain panaceas to conversion.

People talking around me again and I stay glued to the vision for day.  Month 3, starting today.  ALL ME. My appointments, my times set to calendar, and my conversations.  Have two addresses written, that I plan on visiting, so far.  Was about to ask other AE what’s on her plate but it doesn’t matter.  The P-O-Z Agency is officially, quite officially and loudly open today.  For business.  MY business.

11:54.  Taking a break before my, well, lunch… break.  Tired, sluggish, and I still have class to prep for.  Don’t have too much to do in that regard, but it’s in my head.  Wondering…. Do I have the lunch I packed or go get something.  Indecisive, as I just told co-workers as they talked about what they might get.  I can’t decide on anything.  Nothing.  Mexican doesn’t sound like anything, not a burger, no the Vietnamese place… nothing.  Can’t ignore how slow and weighed I am.  Don’t want to eat in the breakroom, so that eliminates the pizza possibility.  OR, does it.

12:34.  Ate the little pieces from the pizza Emma made at KIN yesterday, and now at desk.  Was outside for a bit, on breakroom door’s other side, at a metal lunching or break table.  Chewing gum now, hoping it wakes me.

Just sent syllabus to 1B students.  What to do, now.  Get out of office.  Go canvass down the street like Lincoln, a senior AE, suggested.  Will, for sure.  Cards in pocket, all I have to do is walk out the door.  Want to have specific addresses written down, targeted.  Don’t want to go out blindly.  Don’t want to do anything blind, anymore.  May get another cup of coffee.  Not just yet, but soon.

Feel like I’m without feeling, without connection today.  Understandable I guess after a 3-day weekend but I don’t want to use that as even a minor, microscopic excuse.  Where I am in the project…. Where I’m going, specific points and pins to hit.  Reminding self.  Writing self.  To and about SELF. What is Mike Madigan doing, what does he want, where is he going, what else can he do?  Create opportunity, set YOUR appointments.