Approaching EOD, and I’m doing a bit of re-branding.  All telecom.  Everything.  Writer in a tech/telecom office.  Starting with certain platforms, then moving into others.  Killing ancillary blogs, for good.  Two, total.  Running after work.  EOD is really a BOD.  Beginning Of Day.  Hearing people around the office laugh, entirely comfortable in their positions and my envy in me echoes.  Writing the word, TELECOM, on wall of my work area.

By Day HUNDRED, I seek to be in complete cruise control, autopilot.  I will be… today’s just been one of unintentional inactivity.  I know, these days take place…. Understand the entirety of the stage, and game.  Thinking of something new, so act.  Act and don’t think, deliberate, at all.  Collect, compose, move.  Telling self on my way just a short while ago, walking around the block, thinking about the day and why I let it get to me.  I share this because I want both of us to understand this.  Have more than perspective, but sense of what’s in front of us.  The stage and all its constituents.

Again thinking of event yesterday, that one speaker.  All his declarations and affirmations, citations of people who write and share their stories, and how no one wants to hear that. How can he be sure.  EOD, beginning another move, another plan for next week… get out of the office, get in front of people… speak Sonic, or don’t speak it at all.  Just meet people… again, say hi.  Re-branding entailing immediacy, evidence of fruition.  And it’s been before noted, but writing EVERYTHING, jotting it somewhere.  I find myself not putting into practice what I promote and profess.  That’s done on this 21st day… actuating what I advocate, on this 21st day of the project whose singular aim is finally framed and aglow.