Seeking to understand and absolutely, definitively embody the Enterprise Experience.  That is the only way I’ll be any “good” in this position, and land those whales that were mentioned in yesterday’s meeting.  Keep moving, of course.  Even when people around me want to come to my area and talk about something, like the struggle of students in the college forum today and the adjuncts and what they’re faced with, something frankly I’m tired of talking about but anyway….

Shaking a mood I had earlier, all over the courses this semester.  Will I keep them or will they be taken back by the lazy tenured rodent that was assigned the class in the first place.  Maybe I won’t keep them.  Maybe this is just the shove I need to turn professormikey.com into a real platform and business, a way to lecture everywhere on writing and reading, on literature….  Didn’t read last night.  Fuck.  Just snuck in a couple lines of Destiny Thief.  Will read at lunch, or tonight.  Definitely tonight.  Oh wait… won’t get home till late. Well, that’s perfect.  Read over dinner, to the rest of that Cab on the counter.

Writing this morning, toward this Enterprise character.  Focus on the most disruptive and profitable product.  Done.  Stay on the phone, and don’t sell.  Just tell them you want to meet them.  That’s it. You want to meet them, and tell them a little about what we do.  Sonic is all about communication and community, but more so than that, creativity.  And, an understatedness of things.  Don’t be so obvious.

Writer in a tech company.  A literary guy speaking and I guess selling internet and phone.  No.. I don’t sell internet and phone.  I don’t sell.  I communicate, I create.  I’m learning this new identity.  Richard Russo says that college is like a witness protection program.  Not sure I agree, but I understand and am entertained by the analogy.  With its own demarche, this building and this desk, me sitting at it wanting to fulling understand this identity, story, experience.

Need a box of some kind for these business cards that I’ve accrued since starting in this division.  Where do I get one?  Just asking self questions, not necessarily expecting an answer, but just posing them to pose them, to make them official or something official-y.  So no, you’ll never find me listed or named in some punditocracy.  I have too many questions.  This blog, if anything, is a question avalanche, waterfall or flood of inquiry. How else will I understand this story, this new position or role, persona, identity, figure, voice….

9:03.  Thought of having another cup of coffee, but that’s probably not the best motion.  Water.  Discipline, remember?  Getting a sparkling in a second.  Then make some calls.  Have a meeting at 11, then a lunch meeting at 12.  Not so much a meeting from what I gather, but just a gathering.  Will need another coffee before too long.  And one before class tonight.  “Class tonight”.  Didn’t think I’d be writing that, anymore.