Got out of office and walked around in Rohnert Park, new territory.  5 possibilities from the outing.  Now, tomorrow on mind.  Wait, no… 6.  SIX possibilities/leads from today’s canvass.  Leaving office a bit after 5.  Longer day tomorrow, with event in Marin, then a considerably longer day on Thursday.  Good, I’m saying to myself. More conversations, more opportunities to connect to people, build business, build something.

Sonic is reminding me, literally daily, that it’s not WHO you know, but HOW you know.  Not pushing, not prospecting, but talking.  A chat.  More casual that professional.  Want wine, a brainstorming session tonight.  After work. Where.  Call friend Adrian, talk business with him, see what projects he has pluming.  Just talk… ideas flying around room.  Or not talk business.  Just talk.  Intentions are great, but if you’re too intent on the intentions and only see what you want, then you sink.