…want wine to speak to me, and not like she has before.  I’m going to watch her, speak with her, listen to her visual and moment-to-moment recital.  Each winery, each driveway and surrounding vineyard, for the story.  A book could be and should be written ‘bout each.  Each seeks to me teach, I know.  She reminds us to not complicate, to not think much less excessively.  Live and create from present.

Made another cup of coffee to sip slow, as Chris and I will be heading to Starbucks on Hopper for planning meeting.  Not a formal meeting or even really a meeting at all, just talk and lightly plan our day’s aims.  Tomorrow I’m at the winery, pouring and speaking.  Need to make it lucrative, I have to say.  Same with this writing,  small little wild wine writing releases that place everything to thought plate…

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