Trying to wake up.  Last day in Field Sales.  Keeping wine mind moving, back and forth from tasting room to vineyard, to me at a table writing about wine as I do.  Charging watch, wallet, phone, coffee and #pozvibez water flask on desk.  On clock in little less than 30.  Thinking of getting breakfast from market in building.  Not sure how good it’ll be, but I’m a little famished unexpectedly.

People around me talking, and needing quiet.  A vineyard walk, early, slow, before the grapes are pulled on a day of harvesting.  Seriously can’t think with the voices around me.  My fault for letting them attach to my senses.  Glass of red, view, sun going down…. Painting a fictive frame in head, me waking at 4 or just after and writing what to do for day… walk vineyard, sample barrels, go visit a friend who’s also a winemaker and taste through some lots with him.  He calling me the night previous for an opinion, or asking if I’d offer mine one some lots and micro-lots he just racked.

Finally quiet.  But I’m still in that scene.  I lean back in chair for a minute.  Then distracted by desk drawers needing to be cleaned and cleared out pre-transfer.  Next week.  Where I go to B2B division and show very much what I can do in sales and speaking, and brand representation.  And, I still realize and appreciate, this all came from wine.  I speak of Sonic as I do wine, wines that connect with me and that speak to me in some forward and intimate set of notes.

Tomorrow in the tasting room.  Invited more people than I can re-count.  Not to sell them, but speak to them.  Share.  Something about wine and them all collecting in that room, on that property.