Write a book on sales, selling.
Positive thinking and thoughts and language and everything positive.
Getting up early… god hour of 4am.
Enjoying the relaxed nature of this week. Bridging my steps and story, story steps, into new post. Need buy some bits at the office supply spot on way home.
Selling should always be relaxed. You’re nervous and, or, uncomfortable then you can expect the same from your prospect.
Going to buy self lunch. Not really logging this as a loss, more of a measured transposition. How euphemistic is that?
Just realized that, yes, I did run 10 miles yesterday.
Today, feeling nothing. No pain, stiffness, clicks in ankle or achilles, nothing. Huh…, maybe I am still in shape. Better shape that I perceived. Running tomorrow at 11.
Response, yet another, to someone sling how a note on this blog unrelated to wine could be even posted on a perceived “wine blog”. ‘Cause wine is not just wine, and life is everything… anyone writing about wine should address and wholly appreciate and venerate what surrounds wine. Which is life and all its slices and walks heights and scapes. How is remembering I did a 10 yesterday related to wine? That run was what I wanted to do with my morning, it contributed to health, to me, my story, my sight. That is wine. Wine is especially encompassing of what surrounds it. Wine is an adjective, noun, verb, obscure modifier and amplifier. Randomness more than the measured. All thoughts. And that’s what’s on this blog, in my books, me and in my Now.
Wine is the result of everything that surrounds it. It’s the last scene, one could argue. So that should never be the focus of a “wine blog”, or of a wine writer. And these wine writers… ugh. Yeah. Not now. I can’t.
Sonoma County will forever be home. Buy property in SF. MAYBE? These walks in Richmond and Sunset always do this to me… Hmmmm, I’d take that house, and that one, and……