Today, interesting feel and pace.  About to go to speakers group, which I haven’t been to in a while.  Been in the Field much more.  Writing notes to self, on sales and selling, and sales philosophy, and other ideas that pass through my head like wandering herds somewhere.

Smell something.  Lunch.  Getting hungry. But will speak on no fuel.  Will speak from that deliciously delirium and madness that sets in when you get hungry, when the hunger passes a certain point.

Promised son I’d get him a basketball jersey, a Warrior’s one with his favorite player, Steph Curry’s name on the back.  He’s so excited with the prospect of having that jersey.  I need get it for him.  I will.

Shorter sentences and paragraphs, my current thought and pace map.  Getting up.  Restroom, water, or coffee.  Something to sip.  Cut back on caffeine.  So water then.


4:47.  Soon to go to mall, get presents for Jack and Emma, have a glass of something while there, at that microbrewery or bar or both, whatever it is.  Love the idea of writing and sipping wine in a new spot, or even better some spot I haven’t been to in some considerable time.

Going to check on new hire then come back, finish this entry then leave.  Thinking of taking home this birthday bottle of Tin Barn Syrah, possibly popping tonight.  Possibly.

Putting Syrah in bag.  Backpack quite heavy, now.  And here I go, into evening.  Needing to write more, needing more time to write, taking more time to write, and in bed early so I can in the morning run. Hopefully.

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