1159… Little rain starts in Berkeley on Bonita.  Bonita Ave.  Didn’t know if it was street or ave.

1258- cold and windy.  Tempted by lunch thoughts.  That omelet place on Shattuck.  At Eunice and Yolo, now…  didn’t have lunch yesterday so then today yes… lunch and literature.. writing in Berkeley.  Thankful for no rain.  Team in rain all day yesterday.  Was mummified in guilt not being with them.

Why does an omelet from that place sound so heavenly right now.  The weather, I’m sure.

2:25, Crepevine is the place’s name.  Ordered Denver Omelet, what I ordered last time.  And I think I’m sitting where I did last visit as well.  Lunch by self, so I can get work done.  Write and collect, this ox in a bottle, thinking more about his day and writings he still has to post.  Happy to be back out in field, today.  People I work with and in the post-storm air.  Only small drops of rain greeting us.

Lady who took order at register, calling me sir repeatedly and me internally cringing.  She’s just being polite, hospitable.  Can’t place her accent…

Lunch, or brunch, on table…  More than content with my choice to lunch out.  You have to do this in the field, sometimes.  Was out too much, I concede.  But now my practice is re-tweaked.

In car.  Minutes before going back into field.  Video I want to edit, notes to take.  Using every free second.  That’s what we have to do if we’re to see our truest of truths.