Up and going after company party last night, and studying today before it truly lands.  Today.  Daughter’s third birthday.  Where I am and what I’m doing, a dad, with a daughter and son that sing to me and teach me about the day before and after it happens or lands, and what flies next in this writer’s story.

Coltrane playing, me alone in home, in new Sonic sweater/jacket/hoodie.  Not sure what to call it but I love this thing.  This kitchen, now where I sit, a nidus for notes and new ideas.   We, knowing Now, pages and pages, FREE.  My new thesis for this blog yes but for self as well.  Studying where you are, the immediacy and why you’re there.

Think of nothing else but the Now, where you are.  Up in morning, don’t over-measure or forecast what’s ahead of you in the nominal hours.  They’re your hours, your points of meditation and growth.