Watching Ratatouille with Jack.  Haven’t ever viewed this movie in its aggregate, but I am presently.  Like the dialogue lines and principle parlance, and the character who writes about restaurants, has his column, is a known restaurant critic or something.  Has me thinking about having my column.  Some column.  Thought of bottledaux being its own publication as it already is and then I framed of the inward jots being their column, about trying to find total happiness or balance, or .. I don’t know.  And I know I’m overthinking.

Scratching face.  Have to shave.  I remember one time when I lived alone sipping a Pinot while shaving, before a St. Francis Winery xmas party.   Why don’t I just shave every day to wine, make it more enjoyable, I ask myself.  Wine, write about wine.  Everything I do with wine.  Only write about wine I tell myself. Happiness is in that.  Work is in that, intuitively.  The inward jots and bottledaux as an idea.  If this is my first article, have it be a vow, a manifesto of some kind.  Wine is always part of my day and lectures, even when only talking about hat first paragraph in On The Road.  Everything connects back to wine, makes me think of what I’ll the night sip.  Where I am, what I’m doing.  With wine.

Just had a little of the ’09 Lancaster Cabernet that I opened last night, the 375.  Poured  the rest into the sink.  The drain and all is pipes and curves and inner passages that I can’t bloody see better’ve fucking enjoyed.  Low on wine in this house.  Been saving money for, something.  I think of the wine shop up the street.  What’s for me there, what wants to be written about.  What will I sip first when back in Paris.  What did Mom and Dad sip last night in Sunriver.  What are my old tasting room friends doing now, how many of them are still doing  the tasting room circuit, the tour de tasting rooms.  What do I want now, what could I do now.. should I open the Zin now, the one I bought last night at Oliver’s?  Just thinking about wine, what’s in the bottle and what it has to say to me.  What I’d be sipping now if I were on a trip, in my hotel room now after giving a talk on literature or writing, or even tech.

Tech, my tech job, what made me more of a writer and wine bloke than I’ve ver been.

Watching the main rat in this movie, his passion for food, his love of the kitchen and what the cooks do.  The move tells me to follow with wine, from everything else I do like my tech life which I so much love and am cosmically moved by, well as my teaching at the JC and dad life which now has my motions and sights.  The room, the day, telling me my vineyard is close.  The day I walked into the tasting room for the first time to work, over 12 years ago, I only cognized that wine was something that made people smile, that wine was life and a vacation and where we are, what my family devoted so much to.  What was on the table, and now over 12 years forward I’m thinking wine.  Wine.  What she says to my sitting and immediacy, in this movie as the critic sips it, and later tonight while noting in my journal, mon petite tablette.


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