IMG_5633…but I feel something like it about my character and creative practice, have for the past few days.  Tired of work, working… only want to read, read to people and hopefully put ideas in the mental arenas of all listening.

Met a character recently who’s struggling with a new job, at the age of nearly 50.  WILL. NOT.  BE. ME.

Never.  I’m sticking to my verses, music… will record something today, somehow, at some point.  Thinking in the tasting room after everyone’s gone.  Have to find the time to record.  There’s no excuse not to.  08:41…. More time to write.  Can get out something, just one more short verse before leaving…. 

Finishes second track.  09:00.  Can put off departure 20 minutes, at most.  Friend doesn’t show till after 11 which means I’ll have the room to self, to write and collect.  Need to keep the tracks coming.  Need to live from my words, get out of the goddamn room…