IMG_1731Don’t see many people coming in today, but you never know.  Today is about me, a winemaker.  Doing what so many in the industry have, just following their dreams, their gut, their most loud and piercing of passions.  Wine does this to me and others, has us thinking beyond any cage, beyond any tasting room and recital of some putrid sales script.  Wine is about dreams.  Wine IS dreams, dreaming, health and living healthy in happiness and in all happy jaunts and modes.  I’ll leave for Roth in a bit, and drive around the Cabernet blocks that I often do.  I can write later.  I need to be in the vineyard, out there where wine’s made.  Couple sits at the table just next to me, and I am distracted, annoyed, and I know I have no right to be.  The AC comes on in the shop here and I freeze.  I can hear their voices and the removal of breakfast sandwiches or danishes from those loud pseudo-paper bags, small.  Needing my own office, my own room, tasting and other.  The couple toast each other with their cups, ceramic coffee cups which means they aren’t leaving any time soon.  Looking forward to tasting through the wines, only working with one other person today… not having to say too much, hopefully, just take my wine notes and draw my tasting room over and over and….  Not a tasting room as you might think of or remember, but more a tasting corner, or nook.  Wine continues to tell me to do things, like leave this Starbucks… I will.  I have to.  I see the man from my eye’s corner look over at me every second or so, minute, and bounce his left leg up and down in some anxious piston motion.  Making me anxious, as a result.  Ugh… why didn’t I just go to the vineyard?

08:59.  I’ll leave in five minutes.  Just a few more notes on wine and my wine, what I want my wine to say, label design.  Wine should be something that teaches you or at the very least shows you something new about yourself.  It’s convex as well as concave, prompting reflection and reaction, visuals and urging you to live life like you never have before sipping what you sip.  Isn’t that true?  Overtime I’ve gone tasting, like the other day with wife, I learn about the reason wine is in my life, why I keep her in my story and why I continue to write her.  And, with as frustrated with the industry as I get at time, I always return to what’s in the glass, what’s out in the vineyard.  I see my tasting bar… small, barely what one would consider a “bar” at all.  More just a small plank or rectangular table.  We taste three to four wines, and that’s it.  Sometimes only two… so I’m not sure I’d charge any tasting fees.  Why do that.  I’ve always wondered, why do wineries depend on them, the tasting fees to such fiery degree.