Wine forever.  That’s all I want to do or write about. 

IMG_0583I mean there are other aspects of my story that get page presence, but wine dominates all facets formidable.  Last night at parents’ casa tasting only a couple wines, but seeing us as a wine family.  Pictures Dad took of the buildings, inside mostly where bottles where held and where my sister talked with winemaker Philippe Girard about what I can only imagine.  Wine has me ‘cause of the life embodied, the stories, pictures taken by family or friends, when I see tourists taking their photos of each other in either silly poses or ones sentimental and with intention.

Have no idea what wine I’ll tonight sip, aside from the rest of the ’15 Malbec my friend Jesse made.  I’m only writing wine, from here out.  That’s it.  Yes I may note a bit on running or my children, but my words will always be assigned to wine.

Should make wine this vintage.  But how.  Where do I start.  With what money?  Ugh… money’s always the matter and issue, the fucking concern in this business.  Of course.  So…. Pictures.  Wine photography for people.  Do I sell it?  Little images that people can use however?  They pay me and I pick the image?  If I’m to really leave the dock in this industry I have to write my way out of the tasting room.  Not that I’m mad or bitter.. nothing like that.  I just want to write wine, not serve it, or even sell it if you should know.  Wine shouldn’t be sold, EVER.  If my job were to sell Jesse’s wines, /i would tell his story, my relationships with what I sip, talking to the wine and letting it talk to me so I can further speak its language to people coming from wherever to taste.  Being from a wine family, I focus on family.  And, I NEVER try to convince family to buy.  You’re in the room with me, in the tasting room, you’re a new friend, a guest.  It would be rude to try and convince you to take bottles with you.