In a view of my writing….

A view that’s not favorable. What do I want? A book. Finished manuscript. Then…. the problem?

The view itself. Write your way through it, I’ve always contended. But….

What’s the hold-up? Write past it.

Writing is supposed to be just this… struggle, battle with self. Not just a struggle, but composing, a building and re-assembly of character.

For this, you have to write more than just freely, but crazily. In journal. On paper. Write you– who you are, what you’re doing.

Honesty– a full candidly profuse roar. On page. About you. Your character, your story… what you want.

Book due in 8 days I think… get to work. Focus on the book. The wine symbol and world, people… make something up while swinging in brightly vocal true’s.