Character Kelly, can’t decide on direction of her, in this current short piece.  But then it comes to me, me seeing her drinking some red blend that her cousin gave to her for her 21st birthday, four years ago.

Not going to write any more than that, saving all ideas for the short story collection, due in 10 days.  Hoping I keep with this current character, this writing challenge.  Not a challenge if I don’t it so deem.

Taking a break from basketball and catch, and kicking a ball back and forth on our street with son and watching one of his favorite cartoon movies, or I think it’s one of those Pixar movies… anyway I’m trying to stay busy while spending time with son on this “Daddy Day” as he always calls it and brags to his sister who still has to be in school.

I take a breath, see more of the character and what to do for her.

Son on couch, blanket over him, we both resting from our outdoor back-and-forth’s.  Monday… writing as a father and still trying to be Daddy.  Makes me think of a writing piece, some idea, a direction— a role, a new job… huh…..