from morning’s jots

img_3551…one thing on writing, if a student professes to me on how much more they want to write “better’, then they have to study their writing.  Each sentence.  So much is answered and disclosed in a sentence, a singular idea, anything singular on the page.  Me learning more about self after 39, today 9th full day of living in 39’s beat.  So I try to outrun it, the number, and time itself, this time on the computer in the upper right corner, write with and against it.

What I‘ve gathered in being in educational posture and pose, there’s always something to hear, learn and write.  This morning, like a class to itself, and I only have 15 more minutes till my next class.  In the tasting room.  May have to take a lunch today, as this famine feeling is starting to reach me, land in each one of the key pushes and tells, sounds, my beat repeat replete with core groans.

Wrote the word “LIGHT” in journal, today’s page like I say to student.  The light in your writing, what you want to learn, or find, or see yourself do.  Writing isn’t an art, it isn’t a skill, or craft, it’s the individual and integral in what they do from breathe to breathe.  Not what they do but who they are.  Writers are the act of writing, not the title “Writer”.  It happens, words on a page without the writer even noticing, really.  And if they do notice, they study as they scribe…