more wine thoughts from morning, before winery…

img_9404Little time left.  Just a little before heading to winery.  Want a quick vineyard walk, around the SB lot.  Just to center self and start day how I need.  Thinking of my shop… checking bank balance…. perfect.  In better shape than I forecasted.  09:04.  Will get up at :10.  Today I’m going to have one aim— SELL.  Every wine I can.  Four bottles left of the Grenache, sell it.  Two of that big Napa Cab, sell…. I feel something about today, and more than just selling wine, but building my story, getting closer to the Road, with these wild types, crazy notebooks I’ve accused over the years. Oh… if only I could just stay here and write all day, but no you don’t want that Mikey, you definitely don’t want that.  You need the sounds of the winery, the annoying descriptions from people, how they want to seem so knowledgeable like that guy who brought his friend in the other day and was telling him that sediment you see in the glass is tannin collection.  I just listened, was entertained, and warmed in the heart knowing that I know not much more than he does.  One should not shoo for mastery with wine.  That’s not why I’m going for the sommelier cert’, if I even go for it.  Still not sold on that effort.  When would I study, with all my projects, all that I want to do.  I could just stay a ‘Mock Somm’, as I’ve posted before.

Need to see my vines, my winery.  So I get up from this wall seat, ready self for conversations on wine, hosting people and listening to their descriptions and opinions, their wine lives.  Watch me.

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