Wine Doors

img_1694Growing up on the peninsula, in San Carlos, and withbparents who were wine collectors and tasters, we were often at K&L Liquores. Now with me in the wine business, in the tasting room tasting everyday and talking about wine, I decided to place a couple orders with the company, who happens to have office in other locations. In the most recent shipment, Spanish Tempranillo, 2010. Initially, from the very first and most immediate sensory contact, I was instructed on wine, what wine wants me to do in the industry, the business, and more pervasively, personally. Tasted this bottle a few hours ago with a coworker, and we both agreed that it said something different. That it spoke to us in its own little distinguished tongue,

On lunch now, collecting thoughts on phone, sitting on some previously uncomfortable metal stairs leading to a loft-like lair where wine club collateral is stored along with boxes and some other merchandise, glasses… I’m in the wine world, its business and industry. The bottle was shipped today, finally. Not only a new tasting experience but an entity reminding me that this is me– not just what I do but who I am. Where the writer’s supposed to be. A new bottle, new voices from glass in hand, new conversation with new people in my life. Renewal in my wined story. Spanish Tempranillo, the first I’ve ever tasted from this producer, on glass, and me in class, learning about my wine presence.

The tasting room… my classroom. Where accrue experience and notes, new tastes and observation, observation through taste and the people that walk in telling us what they sense from the pours. When I would go to K&L with Mom and Dad, I never thought, ever, that I’d be doing where they’re doing. But, I’m my own way. From

The writer’s ways and penned and/or typed strays. The Temp’ assured me that the story builds, that wine had more. More for me and my family. You never know what thoughts will accompany a sip, or what notions will compile from a new bottle’s composition.

Still on the steps, looking out at a frantic and hastily stacked sea of barrels. I wonder what’s in them and what the wine’s are doing. What they want to say and what will they say when someone’s pouring them in thebTR. No one could ever know. The wine’s have their intentions, they much I’ve learned since my first Room day in ’06, at St. Francis Winery. I keep stacking my notes like these barrels in front of me, thinking if I should taste the Temp’ again. Or wait till I get home. What are the wine’s in the tasting room saying? How much more time on lunch do I have? Where will my wined narrative step in 10 years? Everything from that bottle shipped. All this collection and meditation. I have to wait. Take one stage and scene at a time. This wine life is a tireless meditation and reflection. Going beyond any singular bottle or day at a winery. It’s inclusive and encompassing, pervasive and ever-motioned.