In the wine industry…

Make everything your own. Every project, whether enriching and inspiring or seemingly humiliating and gruntish, make yours. This not only makes you more of a “wine professional”, but more an individual, more independent, and more invaluable. Whether winemaking or tasting room, admin or vineyard… onus. Own your moments and tasks. Be in the yay-say, always.

Too many times I’ve seen people get too easily embittered. And I always pose to myself, “Why?” Why not find some piece in it? Why not escape into your own thoughts that no one is privy to but you, while you do what was ordered? Why not find the light, and lesson, and meditation in it? And this extends far beyond the wine industry, and even work, into life principally. But, I’m in the wine industry and want people new to the biz to get the most from it. To make it work for them. And it can. Believe me, it can.

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