Wine.  My day beginning with it. 

IMG_E1251All its music and visual, character interactions and lovely distractions.  Yesterday, seeing quite a few people and tasting through the wines hearing new voices from each varietal, being taught and shown new facets to my character and intersection with wine’s empiricism.  She wants to educate me but let me educate self.  If there was ever an entity that encourage self-education, it’s wine.  It’s her.  There in the glass, taunting your reactions and responses, not so much wanting your to dumb what you sip down to simplistic “descriptors”, but feel what you feel, hear what you hear and see what you see for yourself and your wined story.

Have to leave the coffee shop in a bit, just under nine minutes, and I already know what I want from wine, from the day, from the intwined rhyme of wine and I… the music we together make… wine is more than poetry or music but an atmospheric expanse about— predicating itself on our senses and the vineyard from where it sauntered to our lives.  One of those mornings where I think about wine, me in the industry, the business of it all but more so out there in the vineyard on one of my walks.