a thousand wines project


Chateau St. Jean, 2014 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Slow roll of drums avec some sax, a little guitar… melodies everywhere in its approach and scene.  She speaks the Burgundian tongue for all pursuers of her region.  She wakes with her motions, snaps me from any mood.  Tuneful raspberry rushes, polite and communicative tea tones.  She has not only a structure and color code to her tour, but tellement plus.  As she wakes, gets into her mold and form, there’s more color, more activity, more urgency but still that illustrative and coercing charm, poem storm.

With more time in glass, more’s said, with most wines but especially this voice, this character and her song.  Han’t been to the winery in some time and since I had a day off, I thought…. She was there.  Waiting for me.  Waiting for me with my new journal and my eagerness with jots and pages, my wined syllables and sentence attempts.  I’m spurred, with more spirit and curiosity toward her, Pinot, wine principally.