Up. Managed to shave quite quick. Now, to iron clothes but babies still sleep. So I’m put. Staying. Here on couch. Busy couple days ahead with Winter WINEland, an offsite pouring tonight at a Windsor hotel, or inn. Feel a scratch in throat but this writer has NO time for ailment. Think to self, what else can I get done to speed things along this morning? Have no idea. Again, think I’m just put on this couch, in the room that used to be an office but again has become more a storage/dumping area. Like a messy crush pad or inventory province at a winery. Truly what it in the mind visually beckons.

Hear daughter sneezing. Son snoring. Needing this morning to progress pleasurably. So I’ll make it so. Just take a minute, here on couch. That’s all I can do, currently. Think about the semester coming… I’ll be loud in the classroom. Unwavering. This is the semester to end all semesters, to liberate me from realities of having to ask for anything– time off, switching a schedule around, anything. These early morning musings speak to me with pronounced sagacity. House quiet for now, before six, glad I didn’t go back to sleep. As a parent, and you’re a parent you’ll get this, mornings can be horribly frenzied. If you do things, most, the prior evening, all’s a melody come morrow. So why don’t I do that? Good question.

Definitely feel something… cold, something of the sniffle sort. Shit. Just keep moving, I tell myself. Don’t stop with these thumb types, and when at winery, always be with project.

Not supposed to rain today. Sad for that, if you’re to know. Yesterday, just a cloud block over all Sonoma County. Drizzle here, there, when driving babies home from school, but nothing of what I love hearing on roof, windshield.

Need coffee. Asked wife to bring one home for me should she stop to herself one. Let’s see if she does.