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…enough promising… the jazz now sending my imagination everywhere, to balconies in Spain where I’ll sip Albariño or some other obscure Spanish white… should cruise by Bottle Barn and buy up, get some new writing assignments.  Where should I go taste?  What do I want to lear today?  Not about varietal or region, or even winery, but wine itself.  What wine does.. how we define her and understand her, if we do at all.

Friend of mine writing a self-assessment, makes me want to do the same and write down drop-dead-serious goals for Self…. By 5/29/18, my birthday, be on the Road— be it for lecturing or speaking, book touring… be out there, writing in a New York Café, learning from new cities and people, cultures.. elope with your career, with wine, with this new You.  Last time I was in this office, last Thursday, with my food poisoning, or whatever that was.  I just remember thinking, “Oh my god, I can’t take it anymore…” Then I thought I could and stayed in the chair, making self write and write about wine, chip away at syllabi…. I’m a tireless writer, so I remember thinking that whatever bug or bacteria, whatever I had had no shot at defeating my resolve.  But it very much won, and I went home for rest, sleeping upstairs for a good 90 or more minutes while wife cleaned the garage, getting our house more back to some note of normalcy before she went back to work, which she is now.

Writing about wine is writing about your moment…

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