wine freewrite 

img_6174-1Have to talk about the wines differently, today.  Thought this morning getting ready that 2018 is only days away, and my thesis for the new year is ‘attack’.  Everything.  More organization.  Everything is a campaign.  The three haikus I wanted to write.  Done.  How to market them.  Just put to blog.. use later.  Keep writing.  Delete nothing.  Edit minimally.  Keep working.  Go to bed earlier, like last night.

This new year and my relationship with wine and its industry, going to send me to new galaxies.  Keep writing.  That will solve everything.  Pressure today to sell, so I’l only push my three favorites, as I wrote in the article.  Chard, Pinot, and of course the Meola Cab.  Done.  No discounting.  Well, maybe a little, but I’m not going to be deduction-happy with what we here offer.

Photos in phone, and in this laptop.  Surely a priority in ’18…. More photog’.  More vineyard walks.  I’m a writer, not a photog’, but I need more images.  2018, I will see the Road… my travels… my office in either Windsor or Healdsburg.  I will see everything.  Sales, a focus, yes.  But everything starts with wine.  Wine is the epicenter of all efforts and possibilities.  And it will stay that way till this poet’s studied, after death.  I know people don’t want me to talk like that or talk about death on a wine blog, but remember, I’m the literary approach to wine.. the poet writing about the puddled entity, as I call it. You have to think about your own death.  That sommelier and wine shop owner in New York who just died… early 50s.  That spoke to me.  I need an all around intensification in wine effort and business, writing and blogging, photography.  These last three days of ’17, putting all war vehicles in position, ready for all campaigns and advances…

09:11… have to clock in, soon.  Goddamnit.  Why does time just by me speed?  Wine’s that reminder, though, Mikey… I say to myself.  It reminds us of our short stay on this planet, and you don’t know when that stay ends, when your checkout time’s documented.  OH… can’t wait for this semester.  Composition, Advanced Composition… Critical Thinking… Literature… Plath, Poe, Shakur, HST.. all of them, a wheel in my in-the-moment degree, decree.

No music while I write in this winery office.  Making this winery MINE, today.  In a way I never had.  Creativity… no self-doubt.  My poetic principles.  Stay here, later, even when it’s dark.  Get some more writing and semester prep done.  Lecturing on writing, Lit, Composition, IS speaking about wine.  The robust and persistent character of Plath’s wok of Plath’s prose, of Hugh’s rhythm… all remind me of wine.

Where does a wine blogger, writer, want his office?  Would I prefer the ‘Burg, or Winds’?  I love Windsor’s cuteness, but the rich and available stories and stores, restaurants and tasting rooms of Healdsburg are essentially irresistible.  And, there’s more writing spots.  It’s my Sonoma County Paris.  Think I’ve decided.  Need it close to downtown.  Not a big office, just enough for a blogger, and small marketing shop.  That’ll cost.  Well, Mikey… better start sellin’.


Talk to myself, hope

I make sense, don’t need any

Translation, help, book.


But then, there’s a sense

of senses in the view, the

vineyard.  Just listen—


Bird with its random

song, the tree and its cast shade,

little traffic, speak.