Pour 1

IMG_E0507So many wine pictures and vineyard shots that I don’t really understand how I could have even a portion of them inventoried.  But that’s what the wine biz is, substantively— inventory.  Knowing what you have, to sell and to pour, to just store away.  Knowing where everything is and why it’s there, what you plan on doing with it.

So…. I start the trudge and trek of inventorying everything.  All wine pieces and thoughts, shots and videos, scribbles and whatever else.  Something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while, as you might know.  Depends on how long you’ve been “following” me.

This shot, taken at Arista, I think of one of the Pinots they offer, makes me think of my walks around that vineyard just outside the tasting room, and how much I miss their wines.  The Pinots from RRV, of course, but as well Mendo Ridge, Anderson Valley, even the Willamette.  Their Zinfandel, as well.  I loved the feel of that tasting room, its chic cottage atmosphere and tonality.  Arista as a winery taught me that wine life is dream-dominated, and that dreams aren’t dreams as in something that’s fantasy-honed.  It’s a vision.. more than a simple or small plausibility.  Again, wine is more than wine.  Arista told me to start building my wine story.  Photograph and write about everything.  Even and especially what you deem boring or laborious, the less-exciting attributes.  Though, everything there gave me a charge, some electrification.  Just kneeling, looking up at a glass of Pinot or Chardonnay, or any of their projects, playing with the light… I had art.  Always.