14:33… before class. In 1A talking about purpose with students, one student saying there is no “purpose” to anything, necessarily.  This gave to discussion about collective purpose versus individual purpose, of course, and I thought about what my purpose is.. the one defining purpose of Mike Madigan.  Has to be, Daddy.  Being Jack and Emma’s.  Serving them, providing for them, making sure their life is heaping with opportunities.  The way I provide and provide more is to do not just what makes me happy, and what I’m passionate about, but where there is the most opportunity for me.  Where will there be a provider, a sustainability?  Teaching, maybe.  But in wine’s business and industry, in writing and blogging about wine, certainly.

Can only think of tasting that Viognier tonight.  Smelled it this morning through the next but didn’t get much.  Was probably too early.  Fine… I can wait for tonight.  Heard from winery that we surpassed a certain sales marker, and by quite a bit.  So a reason to celebrate, I reason.  The floor here in Emeritus is quiet with the exception of two voices in the hall, left.  I’m blocking it out, don’t want to think about anything but tomorrow at the winery, my shop on which I haven’t made any notes, on the design or anything.  Well, I’ve been busy.  No excuse…. “WORDS”, just jotted.  But where do I go with that?  Did I write something down to just write something down?  NO.  Exchange words with buyers, ask them how they would describe the offerings but don’t make it too assignement-y.

Raucous narrative in head, wine yes but also other.  Everywhere I’ve been… the places and the character of the place and the characters in the place itself.  A bit tired, hungry, so the words become more wild and straying… that Viognier better be good.  Should be.  Dutcher Crossing isn’t know for lackluster efforts, and I’ve never tasted anything there that was bad or even fairish.  So what am I talking about.  I don’t know.  That’s the point.

Where’s the wine.

Where’s the winery.

Where’s my glass.

Got off the phone with a wine writing friend up in Washington and she’s to send me two bottles from her winery, a small I guess you could say ‘luxury’ producer in Eastern WA.  Something to write about, and I need Newness in this wine wine story, page storm that’s my life’s purpose.  I’ll taste anything.  Everything.  May not write about it, give it blog space, but it’ll be part of ME, my story.

Wine, I’m HERE.