…kind of wines do I want in my shop?  Like I told Britt yesterday, I want to have more affordable bottles.  Not those $10 or $15 shitty-shits…. I mean, well, I might have some of those in there, but between $20 and $40, $45 out the door will be our price focus.  I might have some sort of “reserve room” or something like that, maybe, but I want everyone to feel welcome.  NO. PRETENSION.  Not a drop.

Will bring my little book with me into the tasting room and note everything, from what we have to do first (shipping), to our phone campaign.  I do want to get back on phones, once I have the shop.  Call people and not in the cold-call fashion, but just checking in when I have a wine I think they might dig.

How is it 09:04 already.  How.  Don’t think about the time.  Don’t look at it.  Just keep writing.  Taste through each wine down there.  Open something new, tonight.  Something, something that tells me something, teaches me about wine and my relationship with it.  I think about and scroll through all the pictures and videos I’ve taken since I started blogging… wine is it for me, making it my own with my Literary steps and drumrolls, syncopations and odd notes—  Winemaker friend, Britt (not confused with girl with whom I’m often in the tasting room), to stop by later and hopefully bring some bottles from his own label, Krater.  He does Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc.  Both talkative with your senses…

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