On campus.  First time in who knows how many weeks. 

img_6656In the conference room but not at conference tables as I needed something new, so I sit in this outdated, and horribly uncomfortable swivel chair.  Not sure what I’m going to do in classes.  Not sure if any of the students have lost a home, or knows someone who has, has family that has— what.  So I write, tirelessly as I say I always will.  And 3,00 words as I say I always will.  Today I will, getting on campus unusually early, now time reading 09:32, and I couldn’t be more excited for my day and return to campus.  Thought of idea for writing routine, to handwrite at least one page after completing 3-5k for day.  Again, just an idea.  No promising, no vowing, no planning— that’s when the writer gets into trouble.

Recent wine shots, vineyard pics, in-the-moment snaps from tasting room.  The material is overwhelming in the wine world, at my winery.  If I were to leave campus early, could I shoot something?  Some vineyard down Guerneville Road, somewhere?  Don’t think about the future, I tell myself.  Focus on the now, this cold coffee wife brought home after her workout class.  This conference room— me a teacher, just under 3.5 hours till I take stage.  And what do I do— What do I say after this?  First thought, ‘THOUGHTS’.  But some may not want to talk about it, as I don’t.  So why do it then.  Fine.  Focus on happiness, the yay-say… all that couriers joy to your story.

Want to read On The Road, again, and for nothing connected to my duties as an adjunct.  Told I was nervous about today, but why?  If anything.. the fires lit fires in me, new ones, that will benefit me yes but more so all around me— family, babies, wife, students, co-workers, my career.  Put exclamation at end of that sentence but deleted.  After tragedy, or devastation, resilience is demonstrated, or an opportunity to show resilience… to keep writing, or re-write.  Sonoma County, Napa County, Mendocino, anywhere, there are people who know what they want, and much of that shapeliness speaks ‘happiness’.   No, I don’t want to keep writing about the storm that damaged so much of so much in multiple counties, but I want to embrace what it’s done to me.  And for me— LIT A NEW WICK.

Running out of coffee.  Tempted to get another cup but I should cut back.  Or just wait till right before my 1A class.  What time do I want to be in the room?  11am.  Sharp. Sharply.  Ready and on FIRE.  Am I going to “teach” anything today?  Probably not.  Just talk to them.  What can I teach?  Well, the idea I’ve been sharing for years in my teaching life, that you can write your way through and out of anything.  If there was every a time you were going to take a substantial sprint forward, living in any affected county, it’s now.  And if you’re in the wine industry/business, a world and story-set so full of life it’s impossible to dismiss and certainly not fathomable to ignore, you do it now.  Now. The Story is not giving you an option.  The option, the Now, is the only option.   Live in fiery syllables.