Home, but I 

Keep thinking about Monterey.  My place there.  Our place there.  All that I’ll write there.  My run this morning aligned everything I already held… the air, rocks, seagulls and other wing-flappers there around me, telling me to join them–

Just look out at the bay with my iced coffee as I did this morning with wife after my 8-mile run.  This morning, Monterey, showed me what should be.  What will.  Waking early tomorrow morning to finish projects that’ll shove me closer.

I’m going to Monterey… I want that ocean, those sun-sings through fog and low clouds, the run I had this morning.  Over and over.  I hate knowing that it’ll be a while before my next visit–  Or maybe it doesn’t have to be.  Have to work, get back to that path…

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