img_60549/28/17—  In classroom to plan and get other things done.  Everything today is about and revolving around and upon the creative.  Set up, more or less, a command station here in the Maggini Room.  Sipping a sparkling water I bought from the bookstore and wondering what to do in class today, for both sections.  Took some notes just now and I think I have enough to get me started.  The yay versus the nay.  The yay has everything in its content and composition and story to win.  Which is why I arrived here as early as I did.  Arranging everything in my head a certain way, under one umbrella… my business, or practice of ‘#mikemcreative’, or mikemadigancrEATive.  I have overthought for too long with certain things, certain moments and chimes in my days.  Over.  I want my Carmel house, or I should say OUR Carmel house, sooner rather than later.  Focusing more on money and budgeting, investing… the philosophy and methodology behind investments and investing.  Writing everything down…. ‘Invest’, I just wrote down on the little page in my you-journal, as I call it to my students.  Today’s about building before I go to Monterey for two days, one night.  That bay, the water and the sailboats and I know that I’ll be pummeled with thoughts and certain clouds to entertain.

My attention shifting to music and poetry and anything with ties therein.  Even in the budgeting over the past couple days— $16.53 for grocery run yesterday, then $6.05 for mocha before that, and today $9.50 for sbux run and $2.10 the water at right.  Pretty sure I’m over budget in my $50 challenge, but no matter.  Found some cash floating around last night atop dryer for some reason so that gave the writer a bit of a boost.

Quiet in the classroom, and I have not only a chance to collect and play with ideas but envision what I want from the next couple days… looking at houses in Carmel, PG (Pacific Grove), and Monterey proper.  Writing by the wharf or on the wharf itself and listening to the gulls compete with the sea lions, then competing with tourists for my pages and observations, observation colonies that get to be on a page.  This room here, every chair with no students in them demands I stay in character of writer, essayist, poet, journalist, diarist… all of it.  Take another sip of water, a 7-second break then get back to imagining the students there, looking up while I type and knowing that today is the beginning of something for #mikemcreate.  A certain, acute, actuated, and loud freedom.

Investing in my Now, right here in my room, at my momentary command station.  Going to write wildly from now till I go to sleep and I may be in bed a bit early as wife and I hope to be on Road early to Monterey.  Can’t wait till that first sight of the water—  In passenger seat more than likely as wife loves to drive, and me scribbling in my little pages the first sight, thought, sensation, sensibility, observational investment of the two days there…. My house is out there, somewhere—  OUR house.

Ever yay.  Never nay.