Work.  Lots

to do today, and a bit tired from block party last night, where I should have just said NO and gone inside, wrote, been productive.  Not sure what to write this morning other than I spent 5.95 at Starbucks on a sparkling water and iced coffee.  Exciting, I know.  Tonight I’ll hopefully be up late, writing, after a trip to the gym to run in sped intervals like I did the other night where I hit just over seven miles, and ran at 7.0 or higher for a bit over ten minutes.  Don’t mistake, last night was enjoyable and it was an even more enjoyable time for the kids…. BUT, I could have accomplished a lot had I just gone inside, be that worker-bee writing daddy that has to finish projects in order to elevate our life, quality and tone of life.

Coffee…. Help me write!

Semester to start, soon.  Week after next.  Hoping the English 100 class will be let to be taught.  Not sure how I want to begin the semester, but I have a fine vision for what I want at the end of the term…. Should I go into it now?  No.  Just enjoy your peace, this quiet in the tasting room before the day takes off…

Messaged Dad yesterday, “There is something logically flawed in those inclined and eager to dismiss and/or reject.” Thought that pummeled my concentration yesterday.  See me teaching at Stanford, just one class… Literary Theory, or Philosophy in Literature, Creative Writing…. Nonfiction… Comp Theory…. Believe me, reader, nothing has happened to that aim.  I will be in Palo Alto, on that campus, teaching, lecturing, offering and sharing my thoughts on where I feel most strong.  Wine is interesting, I guess, but the industry is too populated with those eager to reject, make some comment, have themselves seen a certain way because of their apparent and self-anointed expertise in wine.  At my age, I’m getting a bit, well tired of it.  And by ‘tired’ I mean I’m simply unable to deal with it anymore.  Soon…

Should get to work.  Have chairs to put away from an event a few days ago… not sure why “events” didn’t do so, just leaving chairs outside and all over the cave, but I’ll deal with it.  Want to clean up the caves a bit… promo out bottles from yesterday…. Want this winery to be as it were, were it completely mine.  Mind you though, I wouldn’t want a winery this size, 35-40k css.  No.. I’d be more around 5k, or less.  10k, the horrid most.  And I say horrid ‘cause when there’s more of anything, there’s just more nonsense that accompanies.

Should get a head start on things…. This feels like Day 1 of something.  Some path or journey to Stanford, or to my office… this feels like something, this morning with this coffee and the quiet of this tasting room and me talking about my own winery.. with the tip money I made yesterday.. should put it in an envelope… gave wife $25 of it this morning for stuff to do with kids today, and a coffee for her… but, financial goals…. I don’t know, thoughts swarming around and in me like hunger-suffered wild dogs.  Day 1…. Day 1…. Seriously, this time.  Day 1 of what, I don’t know.  But, Day 1.  Coffee… money… pictures… this winery… take all of it in, ingest, how does it taste, how long do I see myself here, or at Stanford, anywhere…

Thank you, iced coffee.  Sorry I doubted your ways, or if I was whining.

Day 1.  8/13/17, Sunday…

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