At winery.  The production team does something right above me, with horrible rolling noises and rumbles, bangs and deep, dark, woody booms.  Maybe moving barrels around, but on the catwalk?  Not sure…

Woke this morning with more energy than I’ve had in days.  Carried that garrulousness here, cannoned vino letter 16, and now collecting before days starts.  Nothing on calendar so I think I’ll go out to connect with neighboring wineries and invite them over for tasting, further speak the Roth story.  Also going to make some calls for upcoming Bocce party… at lunch, write.  No pictures, no video, no social media… just writing.

The dinosauric thumps above me get louder and louder.  Must be something in prep for harvest.  Could go out the doors and look up, look, see what exactly their activity is… but then I’d be pulled from my sitting— which anyway is now cut short due to clock-in obligation.

Talk later, readers…


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