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Day 26, 7/5/17, Wednesday:  Day’s end.  22:03.  No new wine tonight.  Had enough, last…. Just on floor of living room with keys, this quiet, and furthered meditative stroll in my head.  Poised to wake early, possibly attack the 4AM hour, again, for the first time in …. Long time.

Good meeting with students, tonight.  Felt embarrassed, missing Monday.  But I was back into my integral character tonight being a teacher and sharer of ideas.  Wandering in my fantasies of travel and photography…. Spoke this evening about waking early, so tomorrow I demonstrate for my “students”…. Set alarm, have everything positioned so I can just sit up and work… make coffee tonight, than vanilla blend, laptop plugged in.. done.  Here’s a plan, let’s see if I follow through.

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