Copywriter on lunch…

Wrote a little for client, now a little for me.  Will be up late tonight finishing drafts, no doubt.  Fine by me… hot in Sonoma County, but I smile and don’t feel the discomfort of the blazing atmosphere on the other side of the windows, thinking about the time Emma and I spent on the couch this morning, while she nibbled away at her waffle and I just held her, let her nestle into her crook.  Wedding on the property, today.  But should I go for a walk, record their set-up?  I don’t know.  Here I am, indecisive Mikey, again.  So decide something, then.

For a second I thought I left my notebook, the new one, at home.  Have it in backpack— What’s my brand, what’s my “brand”?  Writing/working daddy… that’s it.  Show other dads that they can do whatever they want.  Show parents, principally.  Just ‘cause you’re a parent doesn’t mean you have to have or accept some expected job.  What kind of life is that?  Not sure how I got on this chord, but here I am…

Just over six minutes left.  Do I go for a walk?  Or stay here, write.  You know what… write.  You can walk and take pictures and video later.  Yeah.. this is me.  The indecisive epitome.  Could use a splash of something.  That white wine on the flight.  Can’t remember where the accent goes in Semillon so I wont’t write it.  But I just did.  What’s with me, today?

Readers— Don’t be indecisive, and don’t try to embellish.  Be as honest as you can in telling your story, showing who you are.  If you’re learning from who you are and your experiences, then others will too.

Semester starting in two days.  The next eight weeks… going to get compacted, maybe a bit stressful, but I’ll write my way through it.  Learn from it.  Learn from all of it.  All of this, readers, is your class.  You’re educator and enrolled.  Ready?

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