6/4/17 morning notes….

Into cup one, babies watching a cartoon movie, wife to gym.  Thinking about business plan for day.  Yesterday was ‘happiness’, to day is DISCIPLINE.  And not in one particular regard.  Everything.  Following through with everything to get to my office, to get to my travels, to acquire everything I want.  There’s nothing out of our reach, I’m realizing.  We can literally have anything we want.  Think about that.  Anything.  What do you want?  “To spend a month painting in Madrid.” Great… what’s your plan to get there?  What does your destination necessitate in terms of discipline?  Anything we want.  I’ve heard forever, “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”  Disagree.  Dreams or aims, goals or visions for ourselves beg more than just a will.  It’s a plan laid out, discipline.  Adhering to a habit pattern.  Like I always say, ‘brainstorm’.  But not excessively.  Time isn’t forever…. More simple or maybe dizzying notes to myself this Sunday morning before going back up to Alexander Valley.  Don’t get distracted, don’t let any nay contaminate your yay.  And sometimes it’ll be hard, believe me.  But that’s where discipline is needed, where we have to hold ourselves to an unusually high degree of our Selves.

Going to spend every free second I have today, writing.  Notes, jots in my me-journal.  Every breath.  Sell wine, of course, and talk about it in my spoken-word/narrative/performance way… but I will be seen not on my phone or just staring out at the old Semillon block… more, with ink on sheet, moving a pen, not talking just talking to that small piece of paper.  That’s my discipline tangibility for the day.  And by day’s end— 3,000+ words for book.

Onto cup 2…. Day off and me with it, seeing my attempts in past as flawed, but I know why.  More discipline.  I’m going to shock everyone around me, instruct them, with my regiments.  Watch…. These allergies won’t halt me even minusculely.