Starting out the day

sped.  Business call at 08:30 that I have to absolutely close, in one fashion or other.  29 minutes from now.  Out of coffee, can’t get some till after call.  Fair enough… meditate and plan till then.  Really should be taking notes right now for call, but then another side of me tells Mike to trust his most elemental, and already-sown beats.  Again, fair enough.  This morning’s teaching me to trust me more, and to treat myself more… treat myself to treating myself more.  Do it yourself, as so many always affirm.  Want more money?  Go get it…. Want to be happier?  Okay.. do something to make that the manuscript.

Still haven’t gone through the photos on camera.  Why do I keep putting that off?  Hard to say.  Tomorrow, Passort Weekend starts.  So many around me with stress and a near needle-threading dread.  Why?  Why fear it?  I frankly can’t wait, be tested how fast and accurately I can work.  Older I get, I love being tested.  And I’m being tested by the cosmos.  I’ll win, I have no question.  The day ignites quick, but not quick enough.  Faster, faster… till there is NO fear.  Of anything.