Up.  Tried going back to sleep but no success.  And no point, to be honest, with alarm set for 06:15.  Hear Jackie awake, so this entry’s to be short.  I’m up.  Ready for passport, I’m pretty sure.

Jackie awake and next to me, watching cartoons.  Start getting ready in 8…  I’ll be writing in my head today, only option.  Move quick, no wine, only role of moving quick, talking to people about the wine and allowing the energy and activity around me to be me.  The only me in the immediacy.  Keep yawning but I have to wake up.  06:10.  Now what, for five minutes.  Cartoons.  Today will be long but my stamina more stretched.  People around me will get tired and complain about how tired and stressed they are but I’ll be smiling and into my role.

Here goes the writer.  2nd straight year.  Passport.  Anyone in the industry will have to work it at some point.  And I’m here.  It’s here.  Right in front of me.  And I’m ready to write.  What will today instruct?  What gems will it disclose?  Now I’m excited for this all to start.  Let’s move… come on!  Let’s get this thing started!  The glasses, the pouring, the answering questions.  There will be NO slowing, and certainly no stopping, the writer.