Taught It

img_1558It’s a controlling realization when you see, finally, and wildly understand what you’re meant to do for the rest of your life.  As a creative sales bloke, and writer, this was recently presented to me.  Either from the universe or just as it was “meant” to happen.  I’m in a state of loud understanding of where I’m meant to be.  And, if I’ve ever felt freedom, it’s now.  After a meeting at had at day’s end, yesterday.  Just the conversation and its content, the reciprocal civility from the other participant… no more cloaks.  No more holds.  No more pauses.  I’m seeing with a clarity that even psychics would envy.

The wording ‘rest of your life’ is a bit rebarbative.  And, some would say just hyperbole.  But, at a certain point in the story you have to start thinking in those fiery syllables.  I am.  And, to my benefit, and as happenstance would have it positioned, I was greeted by the sight.  This “realization”, more than a trite mention of epiphany, but an enveloping instruction of where I’m to go.  Freedom… assuredly freedom, relief, excitement, inspired, and other conceptual macrocosms I’m too enlivened right now to think of the right word.  Just know, I’m eased.  The rest of my life, directed and creatively contained.

This could be “meant to be”, or it could be a reaction to who I am— creative, sales-honed, tireless, thorough, in a perpetual search of solutions and new rhythms through which to actuate progress.  This is it, my ‘IT’.  I’m finally on a road, the one upon which I was intended to continue my story.  “Finally,” I say to myself.  But I also self-hearten, “Perfect timing.” Must be.  I’m here, with everything I’ve learned and done and accomplished, shown and narrated.  Engine alive, pedal-push, at the horizon.