inward jot

img_0285-108:06, clocking into work, for me, #mikemcreate, here at Vine Starbucks.  Gathering a book… starting that today.  Newly charged and confident following yesterday.  Walking neighborhood with Mom and Dad, in the houses being built across the canyon for them, thinking of houses I’ll own and the house I want in Carmel.  Have to sell, that’s all it takes I’m again, again realizing.  And, as I’ve also noted, simplicity.  I drove here and pulled up thinking, “Oh shit, what am I going to write about?” That question should never be in my head, or yours.  You just look around, look at you, what you just did… me: leaving house around 07:30 and headed up here with the intention to write.  Bought coffee and cin’ rais’ bagel, and here I am, learning from the people around me with all their frenzy this Monday.  That, that alone, Monday, why not write about that, this 3rd day of the 4th month of 2017.  Waking up early and re-shifting the year’s momentum and my own.  I have plenty to sell.. copywriting, editing, instruction, consultation…. Too much to sell.  Young couple right In front of me hugging, the lady going back behind the bar to work while beau stays in his seat.  This reveals an emphasis of time.. she having to go back to work and he staying here, still wanting to be part of her time, not wanting that time together to be severed.  Yesterday’s walk as well stressed the clock’s impact… my parents, me, walking as we did years ago around our old neighborhood.  You could say we’re all getting older, or you could see the story as very much on our, my, YOUR, side.  You have to acknowledge your moment, your immediacy and opportunity for creativity.

Yes I clocked in late, on MY clock, but that’s the story, that’s what happened.  No sense arguing with it, or myself.  Three meetings tomorrow, and I have to make each the best of my life.  I’m at that point in my story where drastic expression is necessitated.  But, I need to take my time.  Not move too quick.  I know, “So what are you saying, Mike?” Just keep doing what you’re doing.  Wake up early, start early, get your coffee, and create like crazy.  I’ll be at the winery today, and have NO intention of taking a lunch “break”.  On lunch, I’ll have words.  I’ll have work.  I’ll keep this momentum in its momentum and show everyone, notably me, that I AM the most tireless writer on the planet— planting myself on the terrestrial stretch as a bizarrely swift and versatile word actuator.

Bagel nearly gone.  Good.  Want to remain light.  Have all senses heightened today.  Monday—  Monday…. You don’t scare me.  08:25 now, still with over an hour to self, to plan and decide how the day’s to do.  Just wrote a couple notes in the Composition Book, adding to the day’s composition, and code.  Work more… show the world who you are…. Brachiating from one moment, one paragraph, one idea to the next.  What I’m learning this morning—  Mornings.  Especially Monday’s.  Mornings are where you demonstrate, create, push yourself forward.  Not at night, or toward day’s close.  Has to be the morning.  Sipping coffee now with bagel gone, and more people enter this coffee stop.  Loud, excited to see the other, and I can’t take the loud voices, noises, boyfriend of girl in front of me zoomed upon by friend happy to see him.  Gets coffee and leaves, thankfully.  Back to my Monday… up speed, quicker, make something like these baristas.